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ATL Airport Community Improvement Districts

The foundation of any great community stems from the support of its residents, great leaders, service providers and commercial property owners. Combine these efforts with creative innovation through valuable service standards and key focus areas and revitalization is inevitable.

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our service standards

It is important that we stay steadfast in our commitment to service communities and property owners in our districts. Thus, our values, business acumen, and service standards have to be embraced by staff, partners, supporters and fans of the Aerotropolis region. Currently, our core values include: ACCOUNTABILITY, COLLABORATION, COMMITMENT, EXCELLENCE, INNOVATION, SERVICE, and TRUST. We use these service standards to ensure that the ultimate experience is a part of our journey in our area, office and by our team. 

our focus areas

The ATL Airport Community Improvement Districts are greatly committed to creating an economically STRONG, SAFE, ATTRACTIVE, and VIBRANT community surrounding the world’s most-traveled passenger airport. We are a catalyst for infrastructure enhancements through new investments, project planning, resource management, and partnership development. Our six key focus areas (Beautification, Infrastructure, Public Safety, Technology, Transit, and Wayfinding) ensure that we collectively raise the value of our community’s commercial properties while making the AACIDs a destination for new business, residents and visitors. 

We Are Committed to Excellence



The AACIDs maintain more than 25 miles of right-of-way with routine services that include: mowing, edging, trimming, and debris/trash removal. Having a clean environment is a valuable asset to private and public property owners.  Plus there is something special and beautiful when we collectively take care of our environment. We appreciate anyone helping to keep our area an appealing destination and business district.



Improving connectivity and mobility through continued infrastructure improvements will provide efficiency for both residents and property owners and continue to advance our growing economy. With the world’s busiest airport (Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta Int’l Airport) as our major powerhouse, it is vital that our roadways are smooth and secure for visitors, residents and business owners. 



Promoting safety with a visible presence of law enforcement and security officers is a value add and attraction for property owners. It offers a sense of stability while increasing economic opportunity. With robust corporate headquarters such as Delta, Porsche, and Chick-fil-A in our region we work hard to make safety a priority, while decreasing the number of negative instances.



To stay relevant and efficiently aligned in this industry, technology has to be a vital factor for making communities better, safer, and more attractive to property owners.  We are creating high-end AACIDs that are vibrant, cutting-edge, harmonious, and prepared for the future. By keeping technology at the forefront of our studies and projects we will aim to set a standard of excellence for South Metro.



Transit works hand-in-hand with infrastructure. With better road designs, road enhancements and structure longevity, transit, for not only residents, but for delivery service providers will allow for efficiency and support of on-time delivery service needs. We are proud to work with entities such as: The ATL, the Georgia Department of Transportation, GRTA, MARTA, and SRTA to aid in our efforts. 



We aim to create a united appearance for this area by improving visibility and enhancing the entry experience as the gateway for South Metro. Clear signage will offer peace of mind as one easily navigates our robust area full of esteemed corporate offices, quality restaurants and hotels, high-end homes, and ideal shopping opportunities.

Our News & Announcements

Please read some information on our most recent announcements about projects, studies, area information, board meetings, etc…

AACIDS 2020 Year in Review

Some of our big wins!As the year progressed, we aimed to say vested in the interest of our over 325 property owners, representing 900+ parcels. flock license plate readers  The installation of 14 (30 as of February 2021) Flock License Plate Readers in both the Airport...