ATL Airport CIDs

The SMART Corridor

Finding ways to improve safety, mobility, and walkability in the study area using new technology.

Safety In The SMART Corridor Project in the South Metro Region

The Future SMART City in South Metro

The Virginia Avenue Smart Corridor Study is a study led by the ATL Airport Community Improvement Districts and their consultants, Modern Mobility Partners and KCI Technologies, Inc. The purpose of the study is to evaluate technology projects or strategies to address mobility, walkability, and safety along the 2-mile corridor between US 29/Main St. and S. Central Ave. The outcome of the study will be a recommended project list and implementation plan.

Three Goals Using Technology



We aim to decrease the number of car and truck accidents with more traffic friendly routes, parking, and pedestrian safety.


We want to offer more efficient ways for maneuvering throughout the corridor such as with better street lighting or signage.


Having curbs or lanes that are more pedestrian friendly adds to the value and safety of the community.

How Were Smart Technology Projects Selected and Prioritized?

Which Smart Technology Projects were screened out for the Virginia Avenue Smart Corridor and which Projects are moving forward for Implementation?

How will these Projects be Phased in as part of the Overall Corridor Study?

overall corridor study

What’s Next?

day action plan

Public Meeting Recaps

We had our First Public Meeting on Thursday, March 14th and our Second Public Meeting on Thursday, August 15th. Click the links below to watch the live presentations captured for each.

Key Indicators for Success

Best Practices

CLICK HERE to learn about Best Practices and Trends in Emerging Technologies Technical Report.

Needs Assessment

CLICK HERE to read the Existing Conditions and Needs Assessment and Technical Report.

Take a Look at the Corridor

Watch the video below to see the exact target area for this study. The project limits along the Virginia Avenue Corridor are from US 29/Main Street in College Park on the west end to South Central Avenue in Hapeville on the east end.

Our Partner Spotlight

Modern Mobility Partners is an Atlanta-based transportation, planning, training and consulting firm. The Transportation industry is embarking on the one of the biggest inflection points in history. Technology is revolutionizing the way people move from point A to point B and will greatly affect all aspects of transportation from planning, design to implementation. At Modern Mobility Partners, we will not only solve our client’s challenges with innovative and cost-effective solutions, we will educate and empower them to be part of the solution.