In 2016, the CIDs secured two Georgia Department of Transportation grants totaling $398,000 to widen the exit and entrance ramps at the interchange of South Fulton Parkway (State Route 14) and Buffington Road. Also in that year, the CIDs partnered with the City of College Park and Fulton County to construct a passing lane near the entrance ramp to South Fulton Parkway from Buffington Road, which allows vehicles to continue moving while others are waiting to make a left turn.
Buffington Traffic Study – Final Report

The Georgia Department of Transportation has committed funding to widen Buffington Road from two to four lanes from Rock Quarry Road northwards to US Highway 29 (Roosevelt Hwy), including the bridge over South Fulton Parkway (State Route 14). This project also includes additional turn lanes along Buffington Road from Rock Quarry Road to Royal South Parkway.  This project is currently in the preliminary engineering stage, and is anticipated to begin construction in 2020, although the CIDs are working with GDOT to expedite construction.

Spring 2018 Progress Update
Signed task order with KHA to provide landscape design, partnering with Chick-fil-A


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July 28, 2017