Offering The Optimal Safety Experience

We take great pride in our allegiance to the safety of our communities and have built partnerships with local law enforcement agencies to support business owners throughout Airport West and Airport South Community Improvement Districts.

Public Safety

Keeping Our Communities Safe


We believe that it truly takes a team to win! Thus, we will maximize the opportunity for a comprehensive safety experience by staying connected with property owners, local neighborhoods, law enforcement agencies and private security firms.



We will empower our community and property owners with appropriate information that will offer tools and resources to stay safe throughout our area.


We consider public safety to be a cornerstone and necessary derivative for our success. We will work with appropriate authorities with order and intention to ideally, eliminate the number of negative instances in our area.

Optimizing the Safety Experience

Public Safety continues to evolve, adapt and embrace current and new challenges in the Airport West and Airport South CIDs. In conjunction with social media and advanced technology we will make an aggressive, proactive approach to inform and share pertinent information to the public, our Board and property owners in our districts. Our various partners, such as contracted law enforcement officers, landscape contractors, expansion consultants, private security agencies, etc… will be vital to the full success of this plan.

Please review our comprehensive report which offers a recap of 2021 as well as a breakdown of suggested strategies for 2022 that will be used to improve and enhance security while aiming to eliminate and/or decrease crime.

We Are All In This Together

Franklin Allen

Franklin Allen

Public Safety Director

A Trusted Safety Advisor of Public Safety

With 38 years of law enforcement professional experience and 4,800 hours of certified training from the Georgia Peace Officer Standards and Training Council, Franklin Allen, Jr. brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise as our Public Safety Director. He has served in various capacities including: Uniform Patrol Sergeant, Narcotics Agent, Captain with the Spalding County Sheriff’s Department, Chief Investigator with the Lake City Police Department and Chief of Police for both the City of Grantville and the City of Jonesboro.

Franklin is a graduate of the Georgia Law Enforcement Command College Class 5, and Class 123 of the Southern Police Institute Administrative Officers Course, FBI Law Enforcement Executive Development and the International Chiefs of Police Organizational Leadership. Franklin has also received training as an Active Shooter Instructor, ASP Weapons System Instructor, Georgia POST Departmental Training Officer, as well as an Instructor in Defensive Tactics, Firearms, Speed Detection, and TASER Electrical Control Device.

Shared Surveillance Network

The Flock License Plate Readers (LPRs) are a results-driven, proven technology that serve as an additional surveillance resource within our districts. LPRs offer real time coverage, 24 hours, 7 days a week. In 2022, we are adding 22 more cameras for a total of 76 active LPRs at an annual investment of approximately $190,000.

Because of our dynamic connections and network of partners, we have created a shared surveillance network. This allows cross jurisdictional access to LPRs that may be owned by AACIDs and other agencies. This district wide safety measure gives us access to now 550 additional cameras! We will continue to expand our access and add more as needed throughout our district.


AACIDs Command Center

This year we are creating a state-of-the are Command Center that will incorporate advanced technology to monitor and report activities of concern throughout our district. We will use an integrated suite of safety measures which includes:

  • AACIDs Public Safety Advisory Committee
  • Customized Public Safety Assessments
  • District Wide Share Surveillance LPR Network
  • Local Law Enforcement
  • Private Security Agencies
  • Third Party Relationships

The AACIDs Command Center will be headquartered in our office and managed by our Public Safety Director.  Such collaborative partnerships will support the opportunity to decrease, and ideally, eliminate the number of negative instances in our area.


District Wide Safety Tools

We work with six cities and two counties to enforce safety throughout our area.

Police Chief Rodney Bryant

City of Atlanta

226 Peachtree ST SW
Atlanta, GA 30303

Gateway Arena College Park DJI scaled x

Chief Sherry McCrary

City of College Park

3717 College Park Street
College Park, GA 30337

Chief Shaun Buchanan

City of East Point

2727 E Point Street
East Point, GA 30344

Chief Nathaniel Clark

City of Forest Park

850 Main Street
Forest Park, GA 30297

Chief Richard Glavosek

City of Hapeville

700 Doug Davis Drive
Hapeville, GA 30354

Chief Keith Meadows

City of South Fulton

5539 Old National Parkway
College Park, GA 30349

Our 2021 Public Safety Stats

Several stolen vehicles were located and recovered within the AACIDs or within a local law enforcement jurisdiction because of the LPR notification system. With the identification of stolen vehicles, officers were able to target problematic areas and increase patrol operations to reduce crime.

6,136 Hours

Contracted Law Enforcement

45 Arrests

Due to LPRs

41 Stolen Cars

Recovered Due to LPRs

178 Illegal Signs

Removed with the Districts

Public Safety Assessments

Jaguar Land Rover

Jaguar Land Rover Academy

Jaguar Land Rover Academy located at 3800 Camp Creek Parkway, Building 1000, Suite 100 in the City of East Point Government. Tony Fleming is the contact

Physio Physical Therapist

Physio Physical Therapist

Physic Physical Therapist located at 1669 Phoenix Parkway, Suite 102 in the City of College Park Government. Brianna Fairley is the contact.

Ashley Distribution Center

Ashley Furniture Distribution Center

Ashley Furniture Distribution Center located at 4505 North Commerce Dr. in the City of East Point Government. Logan Dunn is the contact.

Life Storage

Life Storage

Ashley Furniture Distribution Center located at 4505 North Commerce Dr. in the City of East Point Government. Logan Dunn is the contact.

Safety Tips

broken glass window pane cracked glass pattern LWBWKT scaled

A Broken Window Is an Invitation to Crime

One of the biggest factors affecting communities is the surge in crime. Everyone wants to live and work in a community where they feel safe. As with any long-term project, one must begin with a plan of action and implement that plan in small incremental steps. Within the Community Improvement Districts the first step begins with the picking up and prevention of litter.


Breaking in Car

Safety or Convenience? Choose Wisely This Winter

Last year thousands of vehicles were stolen right from the driveways of many home owners because they left the car running. Here are some tips to stay safe during the winter months. 


Stop Crime Image

Ten Principles of Crime Prevention

Last year thousands of vehicles were stolen right from the driveways of many home owners because they left the car running. Here are some tips to stay safe during the winter months.