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Personal Rapid Transit (PRT)

The AACIDs are committed to creating an economically strong, safe, attractive and vibrant community surrounding the world’s most-traveled passenger airport. We are a catalyst for infrastructure enhancement through new investments, project planning, resource management and partnership development. We seek to raise the collective value of our community’s commercial properties while making the CIDs a destination for new businesses, residents and visitors.

Our Vision 

We have a vision for technological innovation that will improve the quality of life and mobility for property owners in and around the world’s busiest airport, Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport. One cutting-edge solution for mobility is the use of Personal Rapid Transit (PRT). This is a safe, cost-effective mode of transportation using small modes called podcars, that are used to transport passengers between designated locations. When compared to other modes of transportation PRT is the most  affordable and adaptable. 

Transportation Comparison

The cost per mile to build is listed for each below.

Highspeed Rapid Transit (HRT)

$300 Million/Mile (MARTA Trains)

Lightspeed  Rapid Transit (LRT)

$150 Million/Mile (Atlanta Street Car)

Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) 

$50 Million/Mile (Metro Rapid in Los Angeles) 

Personal Rapid Transit


$10-$20 Million/Mile (Heathrow)                            

Examples of PRT Systems

Our Plan

We will begin a 6-12 month PRT Comprehensive Study and a 12-36 month Demonstration Center and System in 2021. In order for this plan to be impactful we will consider the following opportunities:

  • Identify funding partners from public and private sectors
  • RFP to select consultant
  • Include public and private stakeholders and academia
  • A potential route to be implemented within South Fulton County and Clayton County
  • Investigate PRT vendors and system


  • Document potential ridership, demand, construction, operations and maintenance costs
  • Show comparisons between HRT, LRT, and BRT
  • P3 Initiative
  • RFP process to select PRT vendor
  • Connections between HJAIA terminals and local destinations

AACIDs PRT Advisory Group

The following individuals have agreed to support the idea of PRT in South Metro.

ATL Airport Community Improvement Districts

Gerald McDowell, Executive Director

Krystal Harris, Program Director

Andrew Young Foundation

Ambassador Andrew Young, Chairman

Gaurav Kumar, President

Atlanta Regional Commission

Sidney Douse, Senior Planner

Atlanta-Region Transit Link Authority

Cain Williamson, Chief Planning Officer

City of College Park

Bianca Motley Broom, Mayor

Darnetta Tyus, City Manager

Jackson Myers, Diretor of Infrastructure and Development

Clayton County

Jeffrey Turner, Chairman

Erica Rocker,  Economic Development Officer

Delta Air Lines

Jae Kullar, GM Global Health & Wellbeing

Andrew Malgieri, Director Corporate Real Estate

City of East Point

Deana Holiday Ingraham, Mayor

Deron King, City Manager

Cadell Hall, Engineer

Georgia Department of Transportation

Kaycee Mertz, Rail & Transit Planning and Environmental Manager

Jihyun Park, State Safety Oversight Program Manager

Ashley Finsh, Senior Rail/Transit Planner

Georgia Institute of Technology

Dr. Srinivas Peeta, Chair & Professor Transportation & Engineering

Dr. Michael Hunter, Transportation Systems Engineering Smart Cities

Dr. Alexander Samoylov, Air Quality & Transportation Systems, Policy Analysis and Analytics 

Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport

Tom Nissalke, Assistant GM of Planning & Development

Jerry Riley, Program Management Officer

Lynn Smith, Director of Real Estate & Commercial Development

Michael Smith, Airport Senior Deputy General Manager

Fulton County

Robb Pitts, Chairman


Jeff Parker, CEO and General Manager

Tyrene Huff, Manager

Porsche Cars North America

Daniel Barcham, Director Head of Corporate Real Estate & Facility Services

PRT Consulting

Peter Muller, President