Communicating During a Crisis

by | May 11, 2020 | News

By: Charlie Vaughn, Marketing & Communications Director 

I can image that all of us have experienced some feeling of anxiety or concern during this time. It is natural, for some, to reflect fear, confusion, self-doubt, loss of hope, etc.. which can lead to a place of severe depression or worse. It is times like these where we should be mindful of how we feel and understand that feelings can be contagious and transferred. For example, communicating heavy feelings of fear or loss of hope can potentially negatively influence others around you. If such expressions are offered to your family, friends, co-workers and clients, the side effects may not be favorable.

How we respond in a crisis can reveal a lot about ourselves and others. Most of us do not work or live in a daily crisis so how to navigate during such a time can be challenging. In this specific case of COVID-19, some may feel there is a constant need to inform, teach, educate, or interpret information. Unless this is your field of study, now is not the time to become an expert. Focus on communicating concern, support, sympathy and/or perseverance for not only your external clients but for your current staff/employees. Now more than ever, your internal team is vital to your current stability and how you evolve through this pandemic. Become innovative in your service delivery and trust that this is an opportunity to self-explore and learn a new normal in your business acumen.

Remember, this too shall pass, and communicating optimism is a trusted motivator. It emits hope, opportunity, faith, and a desire for something better.