AACIDS 2020 Year in Review

by | Mar 8, 2021 | News, Newsletter

AACIDs 2020 year in review

Proud to Serve Over 325 Property Owners Representing 900+ Parcels

Some of our big wins!

As the year progressed, we aimed to say vested in the interest of our over 325 property owners, representing 900+ parcels.

flock license plate readers

 The installation of 14 (30 as of February 2021) Flock License Plate Readers in both the Airport West CID and Airport South CID was an exciting victory. Because we consider public safety to be the cornerstone and necessary derivative for success, our approximately $60,000 annual investment is aligned with our Public Safety 2.0 initiative which supports the concerted efforts of working with our various jurisdictions on keeping our areas safe, clean, attractive and vibrant.

Diverging Diamond Interchange

One of our biggest wins for 2020 was the completion of the $13MM GDOT Diverging Diamond Interchange servicing the intersection of Camp Creek Parkway and I-285. The project was a success due to the support and partnerships of: GDOT, the City of College Park, the City of East Point and Fulton County.


Our AACIDs Freight Plan, valued at $313,000, was also quite successful. Freight movement is a multi-billion-dollar industry in Georgia and a major economic driver in the southern metropolitan Atlanta region. The conclusion of this plan tied nicely with the construction and completion of our DDI. Based on some of the recommendations in this plan, we look forward to measurable improvements throughout our districts, especially at the Camp Creek Parkway and I-285 interchange, that will offer a navigational ease for freight mobility.

AACIDS Transit feasibility study

Last, but certainly not least, as a result of our $350,000 Transit Feasibility Study we are now in the exploratory phase of a Personal Rapid Transit (PRT) system in the AACIDs Mobility District. This will be a safe, cost-effective mode of transportation using small modes, called podcars, that are used to transport passengers between designated locations. When compared to other modes of transportation, PRT is the most affordable and adaptable. Despite the pandemic, we created a dynamic AACIDs PRT Advisory Group with representatives from key transit influencers such as MARTA, GDOT and Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport.