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Jon Antoine, Public Safety Director

The Aerotropolis Atlanta CIDs have entered into an agreement with Flock Safety to provide 14 license plate readers (LPRs) to the CIDs.  This was also in partnership with Duke Realty and East Point Police in Airport West.  Ten LPRs will be mounted throughout the Duke Business center.  These LPRs will be located on North Commerce, between Washington Road and Camp Creek Pkwy.  They will also be at the entrance to the park at Camp Creek Pkwy and Centre Pkwy and on North Commerce at Creek Pointe Dr.

The City of East Point may place LPRs on the public access of Redwine Road, once they put together their approved streets list. In Airport South, the City of College Park Police, Clayton County Police and We Partners also partnered together to purchase eight readers for the Phoenix Boulevard Corridor.

These will be the first of their kind in Clayton County and part of the College Park network of readers that they hoped to have in place by summer.  These readers will connect seamlessly to readers currently in the area by other law enforcement entities.  Our readers have not been delayed due to COVID-19 and we are optimistic that they will be operational by June.   Prior to COVID, I was in talks with Delta Airlines supporting readers on Virginia Ave to mesh with Hapeville’s readers, but I will have to revisit them in light of the budget restraints they are under.