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 Contributing Writer:  , Feb 28, 2020, 6:15am EST

In Georgia, Community Improvement Districts (CIDs) have a long track record of leveraging local tax dollars to secure funding to get major projects done. To advance the goals and priorities of their areas and have a bigger impact, many CIDs have recently expanded their boundaries or are working on doing so.

Michael Leithead founded Leithead Consulting with his father, Tad, a long-time representative of CIDs in the region. Michael said his company helps CIDs with administrative functions as well as expansion opportunities, and can audit current boundaries, determine proposed expansion, contact property owners to get their consent to join, and administer appropriate approvals from government entities.

In a CID expansion, new properties must contiguously touch, and they have to secure consent from 50 % plus one property, representing 75 percent of the value, Michael Leithead explained.

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