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The Aerotropolis Atlanta Freight Cluster Plan (FCP) formally held its kick off Thursday, April 18, 2019 with a Steering Committee meeting and bus tour. The Steering Committee met at the Aerotropolis headquarters for a briefing and background and then toured the Aerotropolis area, focusing on freight corridors and activity.

The Aerotropolis Atlanta Freight Cluster Plan (FCP) study is being led by Aerotropolis Atlanta Community Improvement Districts (AACIDs) and partners, including the Atlanta Regional Commission (ARC), the Aerotropolis Alliance, Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport (ATL), Fulton and Clayton Counties, and the cities of Hapeville, East Point, College Park, South Fulton and Forest Park. The study will examine the existing and projected future conditions of freight movement around the airport and recommend improvements that will aid in the continued movement of cargo in and through the airport area. The FCP area was estimated to be $313 billion more than five years ago and has seen double-digit expansion since the last study was done.

 As the Aerotropolis Atlanta area continues to grow, the challenge will be to leverage that growth while minimizing negative impacts from competing land uses in order to ensure quality of life for residents, visitors, and the local workforce. The mission of the AACIDs will be extended to the conduct and considerations of the FCP study, contributing to the creation of an “economically strong, safe, attractive and vibrant community surrounding the world’s most-traveled passenger airport.”

 The kick-off also represents the start of intensive public outreach activities throughout the study area. The FCP will engage stakeholders and elected officials throughout the project, and technical analyses will consider stakeholder interests such as community character, existing and future land uses, and scale and intensity of development.  Ongoing public and Steering Committee input will help to ensure that the direction of the FCP study remains in line with the partner jurisdictions directly impacted by Aerotropolis freight activities.   

 According to project manager Stan Reecy, AACID, “The Freight Cluster Plan is intended to establish a vision, framework, and plan of action that attracts and supports freight-related industries while prioritizing the needs of the residents and workers who work and/or live in the area, and those who support the area through their commerce. The goals and outcomes of the study will help AACIDs to continue our mission of creating an area that is strong, safe, attractive both economically and by community standards, and that supports our greatest regional asset – Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport.”

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