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Transit Feasibility Study Team Visits London and Amsterdam
As a part of the Transit Feasibility Study, the Aerotropolis CIDs visited London and Amsterdam to explore emerging technologies and strategies in the U.K and Europe. We invited Atlanta regional leaders to examine how these technologies could be applied in the Aerotropolis as recommendations in the study. The team included State Senator Brandon Beach, Transportation Committee Chair; State Representative Kevin Tanner, Transportation Committee Chair; Jeff Parker, General Manager/CEO of MARTA; Chris Tomlinson, Interim Executive Director of the Atlanta-Regional Transit Link Authority (ATL); Gerald McDowell and Kirsten Mote of the Aerotropolis Atlanta CIDs; and representatives of VHB, Strada and NickelWorks Consulting.

The group visited the driverless Personal Rapid Transit (PRT) system at Heathrow Airport, the Docklands light rail to the London City Airport and the 2getthere driverless Group Rapid Transit (GRT) system in Rotterdam, Netherlands. There were exciting discussions about what could be possible in the Aerotropolis and we are excited to unveil our recommendations over the next few weeks.