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Jon Antoine

New Plan Connects Law Enforcement To Aerotropolis Business Security Cameras

New Aerotropolis Community Connect gives police access to systems monitoring area businesses

(ATLANTA)—Advanced cloud-based technology makes it possible for law enforcement officers to stream security camera coverage from private businesses.

A new cooperative effort championed by the Aerotropolis Atlanta Community Improvement Districts (CIDs) allows police to access cameras using their department-issued computers and mobile devices. The technology systems are operated by Genetec, an international provider of IP-based security solutions.

According to CIDs Public Safety Director Jon Antoine, business and commercial property owners electing to install compatible monitoring systems will work to further deter unwanted behavior. Antoine said the new Aerotropolis Community Connect effort is like those deployed throughout the county, and a nearly identical plan in Detroit produced a 50-percent reduction in reported criminal activity.

“Like any region fortunate to have a large, diverse commercial base such as ours, there are bound to be upticks in negative activities,” Antoine said. “Aerotropolis Community Connect is a great advancement in public safety to help limit any increases in such activities.”

While Aerotropolis Community Connect would not offer continual live monitoring by police, the ease of access would make it possible for agencies to better assess situations involving focused enforcement.

“Aerotropolis Community Connect will work best in places where individuals target automobiles, for example, and places where they believe they can work without being easily seen,” he added.

Those attending the Camp Creek Business Association monthly meeting on March 15 will be able to hear from Antoine about Aerotropolis Community Connect and other public safety efforts. City of South Fulton Solicitor LaDawn Blackett Jones is also scheduled to speak.

Click here to download a flyer about Aerotropolis Community Connect.