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The Aerotropolis Atlanta CIDs have partnered with Russell Landscape for our ongoing landscape and maintenance activities. Russell is well known throughout metro Atlanta for their CID-related work.

The CIDs recently launched Saturday litter pickups along Camp Creek Parkway. We hope this additional service will help keep the area clean throughout the weekends. Additionally, we have refreshed pine straw at the Camp Creek Parkway/Washington Road intersection, T. Owen/Riverdale Road intersection and the median along Welcome All Road.

The CIDs also completed an overhaul on the landscaping at I-75 and Porsche Avenue. This interchange was landscaped several years ago, but was neglected due to a lack of available resources. Crews cleaned out all four quadrants, trimmed the landscaping and refreshed pine straw. New replacement plantings will begin this fall. This project is a marquee example of the CIDs’ contribution to area beautification.