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TWO DISTRICTS, ONE APPROACH – Click here to download the AACIDs Master Plan Executive Summary
The Aerotropolis Atlanta Community Improvement Districts is a combination of the two Airport Area CIDs: Airport West (Fulton County) and Airport South (Clayton County).

Both Aerotropolis Atlanta CIDs were established to represent commercial property owners in proximity to Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport. The Airport West CID, formed in 2014, represents properties to the north and west of the Airport. The Airport South CID, formed in 2015, represents properties to the south and within Clayton County. Both CIDs expanded their boundaries in 2016.

Together, the Aerotropolis Atlanta CIDs encompass 15 square miles, including more than 1,100 unique properties with a total appraised value of more than$500 million in 2016. In January 2016 the leaders of the two CIDs decided to unite under the name Aerotropolis Atlanta CIDs.

While each CID remains an independent organization, both Boards of Directors work in partnership and share an administrative staff which is overseen by Airport West CID Executive Director Gerald McDowell.

This unique partnership positions the Aerotropolis Atlanta CIDs to fulfill the unified comprehensive plan outlined in this summary report. By following the companion Five Year Action Plan, South Metro can grow to become Atlanta’s most desirable place to live and work into the future.

The Aerotropolis Atlanta Master Plan defines the challenges and opportunities that will shape CID investments through 2021.