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1. Section I. C. Scope of Services
Question: It does not specify the frequencies for the various functions listed. Are the bidders to
suggest their own frequency per function/area?
Clarification: Section 5.e. Cost should be the annual lump sum cost for weekly maintenance (52
weeks) of all services for each line item, except for those specified in the RFB including the per
hour cost for tree trimming and cutting, unit cost for water and pine straw and three (3) areas of
landscape installation. This will allow the selection panel to have a clear comparison of costs. We
also request that you provide any suggestions for modification of frequency and cost savings
Once a firm is selected, the CIDs will begin contract and negotiations which may decrease
frequency in some areas; however, those areas will not be determined until after the contract is

2. Section III. Criteria for Evaluation of RFBs
Question: Do teams have to provide bonds with the Bid?
Clarification: No, teams do not have to provide bonds for the Bid. We do request that you provide
your bonding company contact information so we can verify that you have the ability to obtain

3. Section V. D. Approach
Question: Please clarify scope or final product expectations for the areas where an initial cleanup
is requested.
Clarification: For areas that need an initial clean-up, these are areas where the right-of-way has
not been maintained on a regular basis. The scope will include cutting back grass and brush to a
consistency with already maintained areas back to the right-of-way or tree line. Clean-up also
includes disposing of any litter within the right-of-way and spraying for weed on hard surfaces.

4. Section V. D. Approach
Question: Please clarify what areas at SR 314 and SR 139 you would like to see a design concept
Clarification: The Southwest and Southeast quadrants at the intersection of SR 139 and SR 314.   

5. Section V. D. Approach
Question: Is the intent for all areas to be mowed/serviced weekly year-round?
Clarification: It is the intent that all areas are to be serviced weekly include litter removal, illegal
sign removal and week control. Mowing should be done during the growing months between
March and November.

6. Section V. D. Approach
Question: Please provide referenced landscape plans for T. Owen Smith Connector, Virginia Ave,
W. Fayetteville Rd, and Old National.
Clarification: The landscape plans for Camp Creek Pkwy @ Washington Rd, Camp Creek Pkwy @
Conley Rd, and T. Owen Connector @ Riverdale Rd are attached. We are asking each firm to
submit a concept for the Northwest quadrant of Virginia Ave and Bobby Brown Pkwy, Old National
Hwy medians north and south of I-285 and W. Fayetteville Rd @ Riverdale Rd.

7. Section V. E. Cost
Question: Is the scope for the recently cleared interchanges to pick up litter and keep weeds
sprayed out of the mulched areas that were left after clearing?
Clarification: Yes.

8. Section V. E. Cost
Question: Does I-85 @ Camp Creek Pkwy Interchange include any quadrants or just Camp Creek
Pkwy up to the interchange?
Clarification: The I-85 @ Camp Creek Pkwy does not have traditional quadrants, but we are asking
for a cost to maintain the highlighted areas below with litter pick up and week control in mulched
areas. Teams are not expected to work within wooded areas, only up to tree lines.
9. Section V. E. Cost
Question: Any maintenance of wooded areas in the interchanges or just litter and mowing?
Clarification: No maintenance of wooded areas. Only maintaining areas up to wood lines.
Mowing may be required in certain interchanges, but most have primarily mulch that will need
to be treated for weeds.

10. Section V. E. Cost
Question: Does S. Fulton Pkwy @ Buffington Rd interchange include maintenance include the
median on S. Fulton Pkwy?
Clarification: No. Just the quadrants on entrance and exit ramps and bridge.

11. Section V. E. Cost
Question: Any pine straw or mulch included at the existing enhanced landscape areas or will
that be handled outside the contract?
Clarification: Ground covering was provided at the time of the installation. The new contract
will require adding additional ground covering periodically. We are asking for a unit cost for
ground cover (e.g., pine straw) and water that will be used on an as-needed basis. The Cost
sheet has been updated to include these line items that were previously left out.

12. Section V. E. Cost
Question: Would the Aerotropolis add an addendum to request rates for only additional work?
Clarification: The CIDs are planning to draft a new contract and scope for any awarded firm and
will compare an annual lump sum for each area. The lump sum cost should include 52 weeks of
service including litter removal, sign removal and weed control. As clarified earlier, mowing is
only anticipated during the growing season (March-November).

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