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Employers in Clayton have an economic development incentive that could make the county one of metro Atlanta’s most attractive centers for job growth.

Businesses creating jobs in 2017 are eligible for state tax credits for the next five years. Any business in Clayton County can qualify for the state-maintained credits plan by adding at least two new full-time jobs that meet basic income and benefit qualifications.

According to Courtney Pogue, Clayton County’s Director of Economic Development, virtually any legitimate business can qualify for up to $3,500 in savings for each new employee.

“Any retailer, office, lodging or other standard commercial operations can apply for the tax credit,” Pogue said. “Some metro counties only offer small segments of commercial corridors where these tax credits apply. Clayton has the opportunity to offer this incentive anywhere in the county.”

Pogue said employers must apply for the tax credits using a form from the Georgia Department of Revenue and filing at least 30 days before a business tax return is submitted. The documentation has a review period of up to 120 days.

“We are encouraging all of our job creators to invest in our employment base sooner rather than later to ensure that they meet the qualification deadline,” Pogue said. “Our office is available to assist and advise businesses on how to find the proper documentation.”

The tax advantages are also available to commercial areas located in the Aerotropolis Atlanta Community Improvement Districts (CIDs). The Airport South CID portion of the Aerotropolis CIDs is located in both the City of College Park and in unincorporated Clayton County.

Aerotropolis CIDs Executive Director Gerald McDowell said the district currently consists of 187 commercial property owners, and pointed out that the tax credit could assist the CIDs in securing support from the more than 238 property owners targeted in the CIDs ongoing district expansion efforts.

“The CIDs plan and deliver long-term infrastructure improvements supporting sustained economic growth, which will attract more business investment,” McDowell said. “The CIDs are excited for the prospect of dynamic business growth in Clayton County and throughout the entire Aerotropolis region.”

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