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As we have seen a rise in the number of stake signs in the public right-of-way, the Aerotropolis Atlanta CIDs want to ensure that business owners understand the laws governing these signs. Provided here is the State of Georgia law that prohibits any stake signs – those that are stuck in the ground by wooden or metal stakes.

State of Georgia Law 32-6-1 – Obstructing, encroaching on, or injuring public roads; leasing of property by department
(a)    It shall be unlawful for any person to obstruct, encroach upon, solicit the sale of any merchandise on, or injure materially any part of any public road. For purposes of this Code section, the term “obstruct” shall include without limitation the causing of any buildup of rock, gravel, mud, dirt, chemicals, or other materials by continued ingress or egress of vehicles or of any natural waters dammed or redirected by diversion to an extent which presents a hazard to the traveling public.

This law includes campaign signs.  Each municipality within the CIDs has code enforcement laws that may differ regarding distances for signs near the right-of-way.  Below are the contact numbers for each municipalities code enforcement department:

City of Atlanta – 404-546-3800
City of College Park – 404-669-3762
City of East Point – 404-559-6266
City of Hapeville – 404-669-2123
Clayton County – 678-610-4755
Fulton County – 404-613-5711